Renault Clio camber shims

Our Clio camber shims are an effective and cost efficient way to alter the camber angle on your vehicle without the need for longer wheel bolts. Available angles are 0.5° ,1.0°, 1.5°, 2.0°, 2.5°, 3.0°, 3.25°, 3.5°, 4.0°.

We also make parallel 5mm thick hub spacers to gain a wider track.

Renault Clio crank and water pump pulleys

If upgrading the look of your engine bay whilst saving weight is appealing, then our pulley replacement set could be for you. With a hard anodised finish these aluminium pulleys will look and perform great for years to come. Removing almost 1kg of weight and decreasing the auxiliary load are great ways to optimize the performance of your vehicle.

Renault Clio power steering pump pulley

Weighing in at only 124g, these aluminium pulleys with a hard anodised finish make a great addition to our pulley range.

Renault Clio solid top mounts

With the design spec to eliminate top strut knocks ,this comprehensive set of top mounts includes spherical bearings, circlips, spacers and M8 stainless bolts. These precision CNC machined bolt in mounts will fit standard and most aftermarket suspension kits.

Renault Megane/Clio Wheel Spacer Hub Centric

These wheel spacers are perfectly suited to Clio and Megane models with a thickness of 19mm. Another simple solution to achieving a wider track.

Furthermore the anodised finish prevents brake dust from degrading the surface.

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